Minor ailments and feel better fast scheme

For those people who do not pay for their prescriptions for financial reasons and cannot afford to self-care, they can access treatment (free of charge) for the specified conditions through the Greater Manchester Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS).

The scheme is available across Greater Manchester and the vast majority of pharmacies in Manchester have now signed up to deliver which should improve consistency of access.

The scheme is free to access and those patients who do not pay for their prescriptions will receive any recommended medication free of charge. These patients include:

  • Individuals named on a current HC2 charges certificate
  • Individuals who (or whose partner) receive Income Support
  • Those who receive income based Job seekers Allowance or Income related Employment and
  • Those who receive a support allowance, or the person is a young person under the age of 20 who is dependent on someone receiving those benefits
  • Those in receipt of Universal Credit where entitlement to free prescriptions is stated on the Universal Credit award notice

Patients who do pay for their prescriptions will pay the usual charge or the retail price depending on which is cheaper.

You do not need to see a GP for any of the conditions below:

ConditionProductAge exemption
 AllergyCetirizine tablets or oral solution Chlorphenamine tablets or oral solutionSodium Cromoglicate 2% eye dropsBeclometasone 50mcg/metered dose nasal sprayUnder 2 years old
Athletes FootClotrimazole 1% creamUnder 6 months 
Atopic EczemaE45 creamOilatum creamHydromol ointmentHydrocortisone 1% creamUnder 6 months
ConstipationIspaghula Husk 3.5g sachetsBisacodyl 5mg EC tabletsUnder 18 years old
Contact DermatitisE45 creamHydrocortisone 1% creamUnder 6 months
DiarrhoeaOral rehydration sachetsLoperamide 2mg capsulesUnder 12 months
Dry EyesHypromellose 0.3% eye dropsUnder 12 years
Ear Wax (Ceruman)Advice only (10ml bottle/pipette)Under 12 years
FeverParacetamol tablets or oral suspensionIbuprofen tablets or oral suspensionUnder 2 months old 
Post immunisation FeverParacetamol 120mg/5ml oral suspension sugar-freeUnder 2 months
Head LiceDimeticone 4% lotion (<2 years)Dimeticone 4% lotion (2 years+) Bug buster kitUnder 6-months-old 
Indigestion and HeartburnPeptac liquidGaviscon Advance liquidUnder 12 years old
Insect Bites and StingsCrotamiton 10% creamHydrocortisone 1% creamCetirizine tablets or oral solutionChlorphenamine tablets or oral solutionParacetamol tablets or oral suspensionUnder 3 months old
Mouth UlcersBenzydamine spray 0.15%Chlorhexadine gluconate 0.2% mouthwashUnder 5 years old
Nappy RashZinc and Castor Oil ointmentUnder 4 monthsOver 4 years old
Pain including teethingParacetamol tablets or oral suspensionIbuprofen tablets or oral suspensionUnder 3 months
ThreadwormMebendazole 100mg tabletsUnder 2-years-old
Oral ThrushMiconazole 2% oral gelUnder 4 months

For more information please visit the Choose Well Manchester website www.choosewellmanchester.org.uk.