Zero tolerance

The purpose of this policy is to address instances of unacceptable behaviour that causes harm or the fear of harm to any person within the centre.

This practice operates a zero tolerance policy towards harassment and abuse of staff, patients and visitors, which includes (but is not limited to) homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ageism, or harassment or abuse on basis of disability, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief.

The scope of this policy is therefore instances of violence or aggression (as defined) committed by any person, whether patient, visitor or any other person working within the centre against any patient, visitor, or other person working within the centre.

Violence is the use of force against a person and has the same definition as “assault” in law (i.e. an attempt, offer or application of force against the person). This would cover any person unlawfully touching any other person forcefully, spitting at another person, raising fists or feet or verbally threatening to strike or otherwise apply force to any person

Aggression is regarded as threatening or abusive language or gestures, sexual gestures or behaviour, derogatory sexual or racial remarks, shouting at any person or applying force to any centre property or the personal property of any person on the centre. This would cover people banging on desks or counters or shouting loudly in an intimidating manner.

This policy applies throughout the premises of the Collegiate Medical Centre, its car parking area and the grounds attached. It also applies to any employee or partner of the Medical Centre away from the centre but only in so far as it relates to the business of the Collegiate Medical Centre.

When violence and aggression is encountered: in the first instance a member of staff should ask the perpetrator to stop behaving in an unacceptable way. Sometimes a calm and quiet approach will be all that is required. Staff should not in any circumstances respond in a like manner. Should the person not stop their behaviour the practice manager or a GP should be asked to attend and the member of staff should explain calmly what has taken place, preferably within hearing of the perpetrator. If the person is acting in an unlawful manner, causes damage or actually strikes another person then the police should be called immediately. Should it prove necessary to remove the person from the centre than the police should be called and staff should not, except in the most extreme occasions, attempt to manhandle the person from the premises. If such a course of action proves necessary those members of staff involved must complete a written note of the incident, detailing in chronological order what has taken place and the exact words used prior to leaving the building at the end of their working day.

It is the policy of the Collegiate Medical Centre to press for charges against any person who damages or steals Centre property or assaults any member of staff or visitor/patient

Practice procedures following an instance of violence or aggressive behaviour will be:

  • To review the incident with the practice partners in order to determine its’ severity.
  • To determine if the patient should be removed from the practice list forthwith.
  • To decide if a written warning should be given.
  • To take no further action as the matter has been sufficiently dealt with by the advice already given.

The details of any incident or other than no further action will be entered into the patients’ permanent record or the employee’s personal file. Any employee or patient/visitor who receives an injury, no matter how small, should be the subject of an entry in the Centre Accident Book and should always be strongly advised to be examined by a doctor before they leave the premises.

An Incident log book is kept in the main office. If an incident is recorded in the book a task must be sent to, Ashley Morgan-Phillips to notify them.

Every violent incident involving staff will be reasonably supported by the provision of medical or other treatment as necessary.

The partners at the Collegiate Medical Centre re-affirm their commitment to do everything possible to protect staff, and patients and visitors from unacceptable behaviour and their zero tolerance of any incident that causes hurt, alarm damage or distress.

Reviewed and Updated: 31st May 2023

Next Review: June 2024